Hae Na Park is a Toronto based illustrator and graphic designer from South Korea with a passion for multicultural art. One of her earliest memory was with her uncle, who was an established graphic designer himself, teaching her how to draw in two-point perspective. Her love of art grew deeper after moving to Canada, a country that spoke a completely different language than her mother tongue. Until she could learn to speak English, drawing was her only voice and way to connect with people. She discovered art as a form of communication more powerful than words.

After graduating from OCAD University, she made it her career to help others communicate through art and design. She has since worked with Ford, Dove, HSBC, Cadillac Fairview, SickKids Foundation, WildAid, Maison Birks, Square One, and more, connecting their brand with a diverse demographic in Canada. She specializes in print and installation design, bringing her expertise in creating a unique experience that goes beyond visual branding. Restaurants, hotels, corporate events, fundraising galas, campaigns, and activations are all opportunities where a meaningful and memorable connection though design can be made.

Her work focuses on connecting people by creating dialogues of culture and community. Through design, she aims to promote openness, recognition, and acceptance in our multi-coloured social fabric. In recent years, she has been educating and coaching young designers from technical training to project management.