Radiant Life Insurance

Radiant Life Insurance branding was inspired by the story of the company founder, Tim Chuang. He’s own hardships in life lead to the mission of providing services that would help families in the unexpected event of illness or loss of their loved ones. The branding reflects his passion and core values of love, care, and family.
Radiant Life Insurance business cards stacked.
The logo is designed to read as both a lowercase ‘r’ for Radiant, the wings of a bird for freedom, and a heart shape for love.
Custom designed and produced Radiant Life Insurance folder.Radiant Life Insurance folder with business card holder.

A brand that is genuine, friendly, and approachable.

A complete set of brand stationery was created including the custom die-cut folder featuring velvet-finish deep blue card stock and gold foil press.

Radiant Life Insurance website banner graphic.Radiant Life Insurance brand colours.Radiant Life Insurance social media graphic assets.
The colours capture the energy of the brand. The vibrant yellow is reminiscent of sun rays at dusk, light, and happiness. The deep blue for loyalty, trust, and wealth. The contrast create a strong visual that is impressive on both print and digital media.

Art Direction by Deborah Lau-Yu, Palettera. Photography by Jimmy Yu.